Selling a Condo in a Self-Managed Building

“A self-managed condo will be as sane as its craziest owner” — Anonymous Online Commenter If you are thinking to sell a condo in Denver and live in a self-managed building, you’ll want to make sure your condo association is ready to face the public. If a buyer sees red flags from your association — usually in theContinue reading “Selling a Condo in a Self-Managed Building”

Denver Home Values and Pricing Guide

Three factors play a role in the sale of your home: Location, Condition and Price. Obviously you can’t change the location of your home — that’s why the old “Location, location, location” adage holds true. So, you have condition and price to work with when it comes time to sell real estate in Denver. Once you’ve determined how yourContinue reading “Denver Home Values and Pricing Guide”

Republican Tax Reform and Housing

Republican Tax Reform and DC’s Housing Market The proposed Republican tax reform legislation will have lasting effects on homeowners, homebuyers and housing in DC and across the country. The US House and Senate each have their own versions of the bill, so let’s discuss some of the primary provisions. If they get the votes forContinue reading “Republican Tax Reform and Housing”

Easy Holiday Decor

Since holiday decor in the home is such a lot of effort, I like to decorate for the season with stuff that’ll last through February. It’s easy to make it festive without being too “Christmas-y” by staying away from the green and red combo. Colorful globes, sparkly trinkets and gold, silver and white brighten upContinue reading “Easy Holiday Decor”

Tax Cuts and Jobs Act – What it Means for Homeowners

And, just like that, the Republican tax reform bill has passed both houses in Congress and is on the way to the President for signature. The National Association of Realtors worked hard to improve the bill from its original version. Here’s some of what they did. (The following message has been quoted/edited for clarity fromContinue reading “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act – What it Means for Homeowners”

Tips to Protect Yourself with Builders Contracts and New Construction

New construction in DC can be a great option in Denver’s real estate market, with its low inventory. But just because it’s new doesn’t mean there aren’t things to look out for. In fact, that’s why you should be extra careful. Here are a few tips on working through the process. Work with an agent An agent with newContinue reading “Tips to Protect Yourself with Builders Contracts and New Construction”

Buy New Construction in Denver – Advantages

Denver has diverse homes and architecture, one reason why it’s such a beautiful place to live. Buyers open to considering new construction in Denvercan find value for a few good reasons: New homes tend to hold their value well, they’re built for modern families and lifestyles and, since builders think differently than individual home sellers,Continue reading “Buy New Construction in Denver – Advantages”

What’s a Reverse Mortgage and How Does it Work?

A reverse mortgage, or “Home Equity Conversion Mortgage,” is a loan option for seniors age 62 and up, with good equity in their homes. It allows borrowers to access a portion of their home equity without needing to sell the home, with the home serving as collateral. It is insured by the Federal Housing Authority, andContinue reading “What’s a Reverse Mortgage and How Does it Work?”

Can’t-Miss Tax Deductions for 2017

Tax time is around the corner — and 2017’s tax reform bill has altered the tax deductions list from here on out. But for 2017’s filings we still play by the old rules. Here the National Association of Realtors shares four popular deductions you can take now that will be gone by next year — including property taxes, homeContinue reading “Can’t-Miss Tax Deductions for 2017”

Consider Location and Transportation in the Greater Years

Where you live makes a big difference to how well you live. And for seniors, this is especially true. It’s great to have a friend or family member who can help you get places. But to rely solely on them may limit your mobility. Fortunately, in Denver, there are good public transportation options. With some forethought, you canContinue reading “Consider Location and Transportation in the Greater Years”