Appraisal Contingency: What’s it Good For?

Alex Jaffe has been a loan officer for 10 years and I’ve known for nearly as long. He has a top producing team which provides high quality and speedy (when needed) service to his many happy clients. In today’s competitive market, some buyers are choosing to make offers without the appraisal contingency. Here’s what AlexContinue reading “Appraisal Contingency: What’s it Good For?”

Self-Managed Condos: What Buyers Should Know

Self-managed condo buildings have their drawbacks, but there are positives. Whether buying or selling a self-managed condo, knowledge is power. Smaller buildings can cost owners less over time since fees tend to be so much lower — but it might cost you personally in time and effort. If that’s OK with you, you’ll still want to doContinue reading “Self-Managed Condos: What Buyers Should Know”

Downsizing for Seniors

Equity, or the value of your house after the mortgage is paid off, is a source of wealth that can be used as a reserve to help fund expenses in retirement. Downsizing, by moving from your larger home to a smaller and less expensive place, helps to “right-size” both the physical space of the houseContinue reading “Downsizing for Seniors”

Tax Benefits of Real Estate Investment

Disclaimer: Many agents at Brokers Guild are well-versed in real estate investment and tax exchanges, but we are not accountants or lawyers. Always speak to your CPA and/or seek professional legal advice with your real estate investments and tax matters.  A Closer Look at Tax Benefits of Real Estate Investment Real estate allows owners theContinue reading “Tax Benefits of Real Estate Investment”