Denver Real Estate Market 2019 Q3

Inventory’s Up — Finally! The number of active listings has been rising since early 2017. Currently in the region we’re up to 13,000 listings…. that’s well up from around 9000-10,000 we’d gotten used to from 2014-’17. Active listings are up 11% year over year, and up 30% over the same time in 2017. The increaseContinue reading “Denver Real Estate Market 2019 Q3”

Water in the Basement? What to Do — And What Not to Do

A cautionary tale about a basement “flood” in Denver As a Realtor, I’ve seen firsthand the damage and expense that mold can cause, so when I discovered MY basement flooded late last summer – I went into a full-on panic.    Day One: Discovering the Flood On a stormy night, I walked down to the basementContinue reading “Water in the Basement? What to Do — And What Not to Do”

Basement Flooring Trends in 2020

Basement Flooring Options Pros & Cons   A basement flooring upgrade can be a game changer for house. It will increase the value of your home and also your enjoyment of this sometimes overlooked and underutilized space. Basements are by definition below grade, so the space is more susceptible to water infiltration and higher levels ofContinue reading “Basement Flooring Trends in 2020”

Aging into Your Best Life in Colorado

Where and how you spend your later years has a huge impact on your quality of life. And Colorado offers some great options. Because it’s the third-fastest-aging state in the country, more and more developers and service providers are working to meet the demands of today’s seniors. Age in PlaceMoving is never easy, and for many folks there’sContinue reading “Aging into Your Best Life in Colorado”

Downsizing for Seniors

Your House and Retirement — The Downsizing Option Equity, or the value of your house after the mortgage is paid off, is a source of wealth that can be used as a reserve to help fund expenses in retirement. Downsizing, by moving from your larger home to a smaller and less expensive place, helps toContinue reading “Downsizing for Seniors”

8 Simple Tips To Brighten Up Your Home This Spring

Spring is the perfect time of the year to freshen your home and give it a seasonal upgrade that will not only boost your mood, but create a more welcoming environment for others. A spring spruce-up doesn’t need to be a daunting task. To help with the transition, I have included eight simple home decorContinue reading “8 Simple Tips To Brighten Up Your Home This Spring”