How to Buy a Home Quickly and Confidently

Yes, Denver is a competitive market, but if you’re committed to the process you can find a home fairly quickly. Let me give you an example… A lovely couple contacted me one spring to ask for help buying a home to move into by summertime. The catch was that they lived in California at theContinue reading “How to Buy a Home Quickly and Confidently”

Homebuyers & Renters: Financial Questions Answered

Shakira Pollard is a neighbor and friend of mine, who’s also a financial representative with a practice at Northwestern Mutual. With 2016 nearing a close, I wanted to pick her brain on the questions I hear most from clients and people out and about that I talk with. Here are her responses. Is buying betterContinue reading “Homebuyers & Renters: Financial Questions Answered”

Selling and Buying Real Estate and Bridging the Gap

Recently had a client who was ready to move. She needed to sell her place — a 1-bedroom condo — and then find and purchase a house. Selling and buying real estate simultaneously can seem like a daunting task, but it happens all the time, and the sooner you hire a Realtor the sooner youContinue reading “Selling and Buying Real Estate and Bridging the Gap”

Airbnb Vs. Lease

Advantages of Airbnb Over Leasing Some argue that the loose regulations for short term rentals like Airbnb ultimately drive up housing prices, and it’s possible they’re right. But it’s also worth understanding that for many homeowners, using Airbnb can be a better option than taking on long-term tenants. For one, you can make good money usingContinue reading “Airbnb Vs. Lease”

Appraisal Contingency: What’s it Good For?

Alex Jaffe has been a loan officer for 10 years and I’ve known for nearly as long. He has a top producing team which provides high quality and speedy (when needed) service to his many happy clients. In today’s competitive market, some buyers are choosing to make offers without the appraisal contingency. Here’s what AlexContinue reading “Appraisal Contingency: What’s it Good For?”

Self-Managed Condos: What Buyers Should Know

Self-managed condo buildings have their drawbacks, but there are positives. Whether buying or selling a self-managed condo, knowledge is power. Smaller buildings can cost owners less over time since fees tend to be so much lower — but it might cost you personally in time and effort. If that’s OK with you, you’ll still want to doContinue reading “Self-Managed Condos: What Buyers Should Know”

Selling a Condo in a Self-Managed Building

“A self-managed condo will be as sane as its craziest owner” — Anonymous Online Commenter If you are thinking to sell a condo in Denver and live in a self-managed building, you’ll want to make sure your condo association is ready to face the public. If a buyer sees red flags from your association — usually in theContinue reading “Selling a Condo in a Self-Managed Building”

Denver Home Values and Pricing Guide

Three factors play a role in the sale of your home: Location, Condition and Price. Obviously you can’t change the location of your home — that’s why the old “Location, location, location” adage holds true. So, you have condition and price to work with when it comes time to sell real estate in Denver. Once you’ve determined how yourContinue reading “Denver Home Values and Pricing Guide”

Republican Tax Reform and Housing

Republican Tax Reform and Denver’s Housing Market The proposed Republican tax reform legislation will have lasting effects on homeowners, homebuyers and housing in Denver and across the country. The US House and Senate each have their own versions of the bill, so let’s discuss some of the primary provisions. If they get the votes forContinue reading “Republican Tax Reform and Housing”

Easy Holiday Decor

Since holiday decor in the home is such a lot of effort, I like to decorate for the season with stuff that’ll last through February. It’s easy to make it festive without being too “Christmas-y” by staying away from the green and red combo. Colorful globes, sparkly trinkets and gold, silver and white brighten upContinue reading “Easy Holiday Decor”