Prepare to Sell Your Denver House — Prioritize Repairs and Improvements

A Seller client needed help selling his place — a rather large, semi-detached house — that had been lived in for quite a while by several mid-20s guys in a roommate/group house situation. You’d be correct to assume that the place was run-down and in need of cosmetic updates, maintenance upkeep, and general love.

The house was in a great location,had large open rooms, good flow, and, even though the fixtures and features were dated, it was quite livable.

The owner was prepared to get some work done before we listed, but he didn’t want to spend a fortune. We walked the place and I gave him perspective on what aspects potential buyers typically might notice or appreciate. We then decided what repairs and improvements to prioritize.

I referred him a great contractor who helped him develop a plan of action which worked for his budget. We decided to clean up the front porch and paint it, clear out the vines and clean up the backyard, and paint the top two floors of the interior along with some other minor repairs.

He was a busy guy, so when the contractors started their work, I served as a liaison and helped them work through some of the issues that came up (as they do) during the day, keeping him informed throughout the process.

The paint and improvements really cleaned it up and made it approachable for buyers who might have otherwise overlooked it. We staged it (lightly), with a few pieces of furniture and some brightly colored towels, vases and ornamentals, which made for beautiful pictures and presentation during the active listing phase.

Ultimately we found a great buyer, and all parties were happy at closing (always the best outcome!)

Published by Jessica Wilkie, Broker Associate

Hard worker data geek with experience and humor to share. Enjoy serving people throughout their real estate journeys and helping them make good and informed real estate moves.

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