Buy New Construction in Denver – Advantages

Denver has diverse homes and architecture, one reason why it’s such a beautiful place to live.

Buyers open to considering new construction in Denvercan find value for a few good reasons: New homes tend to hold their value well, they’re built for modern families and lifestyles and, since builders think differently than individual home sellers, there can be advantages during the purchase process.

Six Advantages to Buy New Construction in Denver

Built for Today’s Modern Family Today’s new technology, shifting work patterns and household economics affect how we live our lives and, as a result, what we need from our living spaces. Builders have taken note of these trends and so if you are in the market for new construction you’ll find open, modern floor plans and more “flex” space. It’s not uncommon to see more than one master suite upstairs and downstairs levels with bedrooms, full baths and kitchen suites, making it easy to accommodate in-laws, guests or housemates (or short term renters). Anyone who’s seen an awkward renovation knows that sometimes old homes can’t always be retrofitted perfectly to fit today’s lifestyle requirements.

Low-maintenance ownership: A new home may not offer the charm of a 1920s brick house in Park Hill or a Bungalow in Cheeseman Park. But if you’ve ever lived in an old home, you know that minor and major issues can crop up, sometimes frequently, repairs can add up, and old homes tend to be quirky. When you buy new, repairs presumably won’t be an issue for a while, and since everything is built to modern standards, regular maintenance and repairs tend to be easier and less costly.

Closing Perks: Even in low-inventory markets, Builders come from a different mind frame than individual sellers. Carrying costs are expensive, and they have debt to repay on a schedule. For that, they need to keep their sales at a regular clip and, in order to stay on pace, if the market demands it, they’ll offer up perks to encourage buyers. It’s helpful to know what you might be able to get and when the “enticements” are more likely to be on the table. A seasoned agent with construction experience can offer advice and insight during this process.

Everything is “fresh out of the box”: You have a full lifespan, and warranties, for the house and everything in it, including roof, windows, systems, and appliances.

Association Life: Many multi-unit new construction developments in Denver have homeowners’ associations (HOAs) — or condo associations, in the case of a new condo for sale in Denver. The assocation acts as a governing body for the community. This can be an attractive feature for busy homeowners who  don’t want to worry about landscaping or shoveling snow. Of course, you’ll be responsible for paying monthly association fees.

Now you know some of the reasons why it may be an advantage to consider new home communities in Denver. Read these important tips on how to protect yourself when negotiating with builder sellers.

Published by Jessica Wilkie, Broker Associate

Hard worker data geek with experience and humor to share. Enjoy serving people throughout their real estate journeys and helping them make good and informed real estate moves.

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